Another oldie as we drift to the end of another season…

It happens, now and then,

That slight shift in the season,

A new light, a different dusk,

A gentle breeze that brushes you

Into remembering a moment in the memory,

A time, once far removed,

Now returned, repeated, relived

And there you are, once more,

Back in those arms, looking in those eyes

Or maybe just reading that book,

Wearing that Sweater,

Crossing that bridge.

Time moves and overlaps, all at once,

I am here today, living and yet

A part still of yesterday, re-feeling it now.

I move, change, evolve

Like the weather, as the seasons.

I am summer because Spring bloomed before.

Today it is fine because yesterday I loved.

And then suddenly it shifts again,

A newer light, a darker dusk,

A twist to the breeze and another memory

Melts into the moment and on I go,

As the seasons, changing constantly,

While rarely forgetting that tomorrow,

What we did today, happened yesterday.

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


9 thoughts on “A SHIFT TO THE SEASON

  1. My face just broke into a smile reading this! Another oldie?… Like, you wrote this ages ago? I love it! I’ll think of it as the “Melting Moments” poem 😉 Do you use that term for two soft buttery biscuits sandwiched together using buttercream icing? Also sometimes called Yo-yo’s 🙂 And the photo is super!

    • Ah, Yo-yo’s! My flat mates in London were from New Zealand – I am sure this came up often in conversation! Glad to have brought on a smile, I can be known for more of frown with my poems so happiness is huge!!! 🤗😊

      • Is it ok if I post this photo+poem on my blog in a week or so? I have access to a watercolour I can add below the poem too, I think it will make a nice post. Pls tell me about your photo – is it pink stone with lichens? What/where is this structure? I can’t even hazard a guess!

      • Of course, it’s all yours, have fun.
        I’m excited to see the watercolor.
        The picture is actually a close up of a temple shrine in South Korea. A tall pillar with a simple circular hole in the center and there were two stone shrines so I took the picture through one with the other in the background.

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