Round runs the route over rolling rocks to mouths of baying blue where sand is seduced by the suckle of the sun soaked shore as diamonds dart above the depths. Cut is the coast into rugged regal, beauty the more buoyant when more is taken and the frailty unfolds. By this bay of breathtaking, this sway of sky and sky, we shuffle in small steps over simple stones that have known stars long since lost, that will be washed by more waves than we could ever swim in. Feet will find footing here but their thread will be tethered only to temporary when put to the test. Beauty is breathtaking where nature is the breath and we, never around long enough to be able to truly take.

Though the rocks rumble

it’s man who will fall to soot

before stone to sand.



  1. Yes, we are mere visitors to this earth of ours, seconds in the eons of time…
    Anna :o]

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