How does

the heart

still pump,

how does

the blood

still run

when these

feet won’t move?


How do

the bones

not break,

how does

this skin

not shed

when these

hands cannot hold?


We dress

ourselves in

solid shields

of security

(see this shining steel)

that cannot sooth

the single soul

still shivering

in a body

still pumping,

still running,

still searching

for the answer…


are we

a whole story

here alone

and naked

and beating

and pumping

and bleeding

and crying

and crawling

through the hope


or just a half truth,

never truly told,

never really held,

never fully realized?


All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

7 thoughts on “THE STORY

  1. Stefanie Neumann

    Beautiful, Dami!
    I feel reminded of my favourite Austrian poet Erich Fried, who said in the 3rd verse of his poem “Dich” (You), which is about letting a loved one be all that they are:

    “Wer nur die Hälfte liebt
    der liebt dich nicht halb
    sondern gar nicht
    der will dich zurechtschneiden

    “Those who only love one half
    do not love you half
    but not at all
    they want to cut you in shape

    (Did my best with the translation. The full poem in German script and audio is here: )

    Much Love,

    1. deuxiemepeau

      Thank you Steffi, and thank you for the introduction to Fried, I just listened to his poem and was intrigued- I’m off to discover more. Hope you are resting well and enjoying the seasons offerings.
      Huge hugs damiX

  2. merrildsmith

    The story is there, but perhaps it changes when it is shared.
    There’s a lot to think about here, Damien. Wonderful photo, too.

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