It’s day 14 of A Month with Yeats coming to you from a wet, wild and rather wintery -2 degrees of Stockholm. Today’s quote from the genius of Jane Dougherty is: ‘That you, in the dim coming times, may know how my heart went with them after the red-rose-bordered hem.’ —W.B. Yeats.

Jane’s blog is:

My poem today is called: BORDERED IN


Rough round that rose bordered hem

we ran, regardless of where her skirts

did scurry, no fretting to the fraying

of her fringes, never noticing how

nimble had turned to not-so nifty

above that border of red roses, oh

so pretty, on those placid petticoats

until we laid her low, on a hill so high,

hemmed in forever by a border

of bright red roses, and only then

did we sigh, only there, by her final bed,

bordered in by all we took for granted,

did we feel that teary thorn that

comes at the end of every rose.


All word and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Audio version available on Soundcloud:


BORDERED IN, day 14 of A Month with Yeats

16 thoughts on “BORDERED IN, day 14 of A Month with Yeats

  1. Oh. This is sad enough to be true, and of course it is, those familiar, hard-wearing dresses that would always ‘do’ a bit longer, belong to all of our memories.

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