I am a being blown
from baby to boundaries
to bondage and breathless
on contrary winds
that offer no warning
and cast no conscience
towards direction, I am
a wave caught on a current
in a reversed ocean,
swimming up
to dive deeper,
going out
to come undone,
in my raw
a photo
that hasn’t been shopped,
an unfinished portrait
of a person
I haven’t quite become.

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Based in a Twitter Poetry Prompt for #DimpleVerse

7 thoughts on “UNFINISHED

      1. deuxiemepeau

        It’s on the cards for tonight although I am slowly packing as I am moving apartment so today is life laundry day! Let’s see how much of life’s washing I can put out in black sacks and then maybe the fireworks will be the treat

      2. deuxiemepeau

        Well they are selling this place and looking for far too much unfortunately but I looked at another apartment last week, the first one, and fell for! Off to Menilmontant, just down from Belleville and Père Lachaise- next to the ghosts of Wilde, Seurat and Val Jean so hoping a little inspiration or wit will run off due to the proximity!!! 🤞

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