Time turns;
living, loving,
leaving, moving,
unpacking belongings
from battered boxes
neath a new roof
my thoughts will soon
echo through,
the faithful and familiar
find prized places
in new positions.
All that has changed
is the clock I hang
on a new hook
in this new home.

For time, like life,
never stays put;
with every tick
it tells the tale
of where we’ve been
and what’s yet to unfold.

All words by Damien B. Donnelly

Based on a Twitter Poetry Prompt from #MicroPrompt


7 thoughts on “OUR TALES IN TIME

    • Thanks Merril!! 🤗🤗
      I did, l’m beaming with joy! It’s mine from tomorrow so this weekend will be a cleaning and prep and measuring weekend and a gradual move in August! Will miss this place but change is what keeps us going! Another wall to build words around 🤗🤗🏡

      • Oh, lovely! Wonderful news. Beam away! 🙂 Moving is not fun, but at least you’ll have a nice leisurely one (as much as that can be).

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