Day 2: National Poetry Writing Month #NaPoWriMo

in the light now.
feel the light.

In parting
you touch my cheek,
fragility caressing flesh
as magnolia’s
unfold overhead.
I hear you say
from the distance,
from where the light
is so much brighter,
and off you go,
lighter now,
in form,
in vision
in voice.

And ashes find favour
with tears
and what once was
dissolves on my cheek,
that cheek you touched,
that skin you kissed.
Life now mixing
with all we lost,
water washing away
what has been burnt,
what had been broken.
Disease diminished.
Cancer no longer
with cadaver to cower in.
Latch on to the light,
my light, our light,
so much lighter
than before.

And the sea
sweeps along the shore,
and the water
waves along the beach,
and every grain of sand
is shaped,
and every grain of sand
is touched,
marked forever,
as we bare your mark,
as we carry your light.

Fly now,
fly to where the light lingers
longer, lighter, brighter.
The wait is now over.
dance in the light,
Lighter, brighter,

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Audio version available on SoundCloud:




    1. I’m trying to understand the characters in the book I’m working on by listening to then poetically. I’m not sure why! It’s set in an island in Scotland so the sea and shore along with the island are big characters to be considered. I’m not sure why I am making a poetic version but I did like how this formed today! Best wishes and happy Sunday

      1. Thank you. Good luck with your book, and happy Sunday to you.
        I hope there are selkies. (In your book, I mean.) 🙂

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