the fallout
from the flames,
a nebulous of what
was once known by names,
now falling, through time and space,
trailing dust, a trail of gentle dust
in place of touch, in lieu of place,
in lieu of hold and how we hold;
tighter and stronger, longer, after,
trying to hold a star, a fading star,
burning out before us
when all that’s left
is dust,

our brightest moments
now molecules of light,
blazing through the silence
of the night, but oh
what a night.

Look up,
those who linger longer,
who fall and fret
before the great beyonder,
look to the light
and not the loneliness,
the night is falling
but the light
is just unfolding.

Look up
star dust is falling
from on high

writing names
across the sky
just for us

star dust…

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Audio version available on Soundcloud:


4 thoughts on “STARDUST

  1. Ah, so beautiful, dear Dami!

    I feel reminded of a scene in the movie Before Sunrise when the protagonists are sitting in a café in Vienna and encounter a fortune teller. After the reading she speaks about how the stars and the earth were formed and says: “Everything we know is stardust!”

    (Scene can be seen, here: )

    Much love,

    • Thank you my dear. I will go and check out Before Sunrise- I remember being enthralled by it a lifetime ago- maybe it’s time to return to see how it hold up. Best wishes xx

      • Me, too! I must have watched it a hundred times or more… For me, it has not lost a bit of enthrallment. Let me know how it holds up for you!
        Also, thank you, once more, for that beautiful poem. ❤

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