I am delighted to hear that the Nov/Dec edition of Collective Soundwaves features some of my poems along with highlighting many other outstanding voices. 

Who are Collective Soundwaves: (in their own words)

Collective Soundwaves features music from Soundcloud artists among different genres. The genres are divided into contemporary classical, cinematic/soundtrack, metal, electronic, ambient, rhythm and prose,  lyrical expressions/songwriter, and spoken word. 
Music has different meanings for both those who create it and those who hear it. The intent of the artist need not influence how we interpret their sound or what their music means to us. Nevertheless, for certain releases, we expand on the artist’s concept for their music via interviews and/or album discussions.

Collective Soundwaves was founded May 2016 by Sae Ely, an orchestral composer and microbiologist. Singer/songwriter Lanie Cruz assists with editing.

Please check out their site at:

(You can find me under the Spoken Word section)

Damien B. Donnelly 



  1. Awesome! Congratulations, Dami!
    You are joining some great artists (like yourself!) on that list.
    I just have listened to a few of the others, too, and didn’t even know there is so much poetry on SoundCloud.
    It seems I have a special liking for the Irish and British poets…
    Much love,

    • Thanks Steffi, it was really an honor to be included. There are some amazing voices out there. I didn’t even know anyone was noticing my SoundCloud bites aside from on the blog. But I’m loving discovering the talent that is out there, just a click away!!

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