Pictures capture the setting in silence
as if the silence has settled

Reflections capture the stillness in the water
as if to sink beneath

could somehow be more soothing
than the reality rocking
just a fraction beyond the frame.

Hope is as fragile as a pond of still water,

a breath held

as if to hold back the ripples
that can render illusion

a drowned delusion.


All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


5 thoughts on “SNAP

  1. Dear Dami,

    Thank you for the beautiful poem which fits so perfectly with this lovely, calming image.

    Your poem made me think as I can relate to it very much, at the moment, due to some current events in my life. At the same time I just listened to some information that pointed out how important and effective it is to stay in a “positive” mindset instead of feeling scared all the time (literally mentioning ripples of old, destructive energy, by the way).

    Then I thought of the German word for disappointment – which is a feeling that easily can come up when we see our hopes broken. The German word is Enttäuschung. Ent-Täuschung… “Täuschung” means illusion or delusion and the prefix “ent” in this case alludes to the act of something being undone. So it literally means an illusion being undone.

    This reminds me that perhaps it is not always a bad thing when something snaps, our hopes are being broken and we feel disappointed. Although sometimes painful at first, it may bring us closer to our truth as the illusions/delusions we held on to, before, are being undone.

    Just felt like sharing this.

    Thanks a million for the food for thought!

    Much love,

    • Glad you found a soft spot for this one and sorry to hear that you are suffering from disappointment and I agree with what you say, what sometimes ‘snaps’ away is the illusion and afterwards, with time and continued hope, comes clarity and with that; healing. Be strong. Big hugs Dami

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