I The waiting

And one fine day I will see you there
Where our bench waits by the bend
And the trees will thrill at our tenderness
When my lips find yours to amend

For the distance that’s divided us
And the years that slipped between
When this soldier returns to take your hand
A proven servant fit for queen

II The beginning

Two summers now past she found him there
Perfect prince with pen and prose
Bequeathing his lines to a love unknown
Where the paths bend and courtship grows

While she painted him beds of roses
He sent sonnets to her dreams
The pauper prince and the newly crowned queen
Whose love wrecked rules and rocked regimes

III The Promise

And one fine day I will kiss you there
When the stars return to skies
When the cloaks and daggers have disappeared
As darkness fades and love survives

But your heart I hold by my armour
and your ribbon wraps my chest
while I fight off your foes on foreign shores
till I come home to you to rest

IV The Turning

But today gives way to tomorrow
And no man is made of stone
and wars can be won but love can be lost
When ashes burn from what was bone

V The Ending

And so one fine day she wandered there
To their bench beneath the trees
When the kingdom no longer fought with fire
Although the Queen felt no reprise

And in the wind she heard him whisper
The promise he once had made
But cold is the touch of a dead loves hand
For warmth withers from what has been slayed.


All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Audio version available on Soundcloud:


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