I wanted to write you
a valentine,
now that it’s now longer
now that you’re no longer
my valentine.

I’m sending you
a card,

along with chocolates,

to balance
your bitterness,

like the ones
you never sent.

If you were now
my valentine
I’d eat you
like chocolates,

I’d suck,
and swallow you
in seconds

to forget you.

If you were still
my valentine
I’d press you,
like a petal
between the pages
of a book,

of a book
I never open
and then wait for you

to perish.

If you were now
my valentine
I’d do my best
to banish you

just as I vanished
from your vision,

just as you left me

for affection.

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

7 thoughts on “BITTER CHOCOLATE

      1. maribethbatcho

        What is chuffed???
        A few months back, and I could have written that piece. In fact, I did write a few that echoed the same sentiments…
        LOVE pieces that make me feel.

      2. deuxiemepeau

        Chuffed is when you get a compliment and you smile and chuckle a little and your shoulders roll up and you’re pleased and bashful at the same time. How you feel after a little pat on the back.
        Hope you are in the other side now!
        Hugs DamiX

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