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I see you
all around me

I see you
in the sky
above me

I see you
in the water
below me

and in the sea
I see the sky
and in its reflection
I see your connection

and I am nowhere
and we are nowhere in sight
between the sea and the sky

we are the blink of an eye
we are the blink already blunk

we are not the sea
we are not the sky

we can sail the sea
but can’t comprehend its depth

we can fly through the sky
but can’t comprehend its infinity

I see you all around me

and you are endless

and we are just fish
stuck in the stream
caught on your current

and we are just birds
blown on your breeze
for but a moment

we are but a moment
but when we smile
that moment is everything

like the river when it finds the sea
like the star when it lights the sky

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


Audio version available on Soundcloud:


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