I imagine you
on a stool,
not a chair,
always a stool,
by a window
as you watch us
from heaven,


I imagine you
on a stool,
not a chair,
with gentle curls in your hair
and a cardigan for comfort
and a slice of fruit cake,
nothing fancy,
with some butter
watching us
down below
from somewhere above
from somewhere beyond,
rolling your eyes
as our dramas unfold,
tiny little dramas,
family filled dramas,
nothing different,
nothing changed,
like the stool in the kitchen
where I cook now
in your kitchen,
your stool in the kitchen
where once you sat
watching us all,
the comedy of us all,
the tears of us all,
the joy of us all,
all the time,
all talking
at the same time,
I imagine you
perhaps dosing a little
at our delirious dilemmas,
I imagine you listening
and then smiling a little
from up there or over there,
just a touch beyond our skin,
just a breath beyond the breeze,
and then saying our name
so its echo can catch a wing
and sail down to earth,
down to us all,
while you watch
from the stool
from the window
just above

with love…


All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

In remembrance of Nana Francis Donnelly, 8 years absent from vision but not from heart. 

9 thoughts on “NANA’S STOOL

  1. maribethbatcho

    Damien, a beautiful poem for Nana. I love the repetition of the piece, it makes it feel familiar, like a well-worn blanket or a plush robe, warm and fuzzy. I can see Nana sitting there, too, which is probably the best part, observing the family antics but loving every minute of it all. Your piece also demonstrates something important: our lives, once we lose someone so dear, are forever changed, the loss is still there all those years later.
    A beautiful piece for Nana. I enjoyed reading it very much. Merci beaucoup!

  2. pixieannie

    Wow…this just made me come over all funny. Nostalgia from up high…your Nana would be proud of you so she would. This is heaven sent in all of its heart warming hugs. Would you be happy if I shared this piece on my blog, please?

    1. deuxiemepeau

      It would give me pleasure! Nana liked to travel in her younger days anyway so she’d love to visit your blog.
      She was an angel on earth.

      1. pixieannie

        There’s something about today that’s making me terribly emotional and nostalgic.

        Thank you for allowing me to share your Nana with my little bit of the world.

      2. deuxiemepeau

        Tell me about, spent yesterday cooking and baking cakes for mum and my aunts and uncles and cousins and now I’m in an airport flying to another place that I now call home while they all go out for my Nana’s anniversary lunch. We come and go but each departures leaves a part of you behind. Big hugs

      3. pixieannie

        Awh heck. I’m sorry you couldn’t be there for the lunch but your amazing efforts will be enjoyed by many. I miss being around family and the buzz that it provides. The endless chit chat and nonsense that fills a room with hours of love and affection. May you stay safe and perhaps, just maybe, you’ll find a story or a poem on that flight. Hugs right back at ya.

      4. deuxiemepeau

        You captured it perfectly- endless chit-chat and nonsense that fills a room- nothing life changing but its absence can be so tangible

  3. pixieannie

    Reblogged this on endless possibilities and commented:
    We all have memories of that special someone. Damien has captured the essence of his Nana in such a beautiful way that I wanted to share it here on my blog. Thank you, Damien.

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