Swallowed by the stillness, 
all life now a reflection
of what was once movement,
of all that once beat against the current.

He walked along the wood,
slipped along the steps
and swam into the stillness
that settled on the silence
Of the morning not yet woken

and the trees beside the river
reached down into the water
as he slipped beneath reflections
letting go of all connections

out into the water
down below the surface

and all that he once was
became the light that broke the day
and all that he had feared
in the water washed away
and all he had seen
rose back up to the surface,
now a reflection on a surface
that looked into the sky
while the sky looked down from high
Into his reflection
in the water

and it watched as he dissolved
beneath the milky mists of morning 
but in the wood he left his footprints,
on the steps he left his hold
and the water took his worries
and in its bed his feet found root 
and in his flesh the fish found taste
as he let go of the morning,
as he let go of the waste.

Swallowed by the stillness,
all life now a reflection
of what was once movement,
of all that once was a beat against the current.

All words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

I am following in the footsteps of the wonderful https://jacquelinenashpoetry.wordpress.com and adding audio as an extra with Soundcloud



    • Thank you Paula. I always wanted to add audio and Jacqueline’s blog gave me the push. It always intrigues me how others read poetry, if they hear it as the writer does, which is often impossible. I guess this gives a little more of my vision, vocally.

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