You are carved upon the lines, carved upon the seat, carved upon the branches
and the roots and the shoots of the tree that stood before you,
carved upon the life, carved upon the heart, carved upon the tears
and the tissue and the memory of the mind that holds you,
your scent is still within the garden, still upon the chair,
is wrapped around the branches and the bushes and the buildings
that stood before you, your scent is sealed upon the body,
teases still the tongue, smelt still on the hands,
beneath the nose and on this skin that used to touch you,
there are knots within this wood, on this bench, on this tree,
on these buildings, along this body that can never be undone.
There are shadows in this garden, on this seat, beneath the branches,
in the sunlight, shadows in the sunlight, on this body that can never be erased. 
There is an echo of what was, resounding in this garden, in this seat, in this tree,

in this heart.


All words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


    1. Thank you so much, coming from you Christina that’s a very big compliment. I so enjoy reading your work. Thanks for sharing and keep going. Best wishes from Paris

      1. Merci, mon ami. J’aime Paris. J’ai vu U2 hier soir a la television. Quelle spectacle. Paris in my prayers.

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