We are all stars
we twist and turn and twinkle
we are the bright burning light
we blaze like the stars
twinkle, twinkle
we burn
we are burning
Like the stars
burnt out
tick tock
hurtling across the sky
hurting beneath the sky
where we cry
we are all stars
fast paced
fast moving
we are scuttling
shooting stars
shooting each other
bullets and diamonds
the diamonds in the sky
the diamond of my eye
the reflection
the defection
the glare
the stare
the star
twinkle tick twinkle tock
we are all stars
we are here now
but long gone
light years lost
in seconds
we are blazing brilliant
on borrowed time
we are nothing
we are empty
we have burnt it all
we are burning out
before we’ve begun
but our souls
they shine eternal

All words and graphics by Damien B. DonnellyΒ 


  1. Have you ever tried using The Cut-Up Machine ?? I love your poem! It<s just that the way you put the words on the black board made me think of The Cut-Up machine designed by Burroughs…Here is one you can use if you need some help! I used it myself a few times to help me have new ideas.. I never just leave it like that but I just re arrange it better after I have some interesting result. it<s pretty easy to use and an interesting experiment! Try this one!

  2. Diamonds are a girls best friend. Love the poetry and the graphics (so does SO). I read the poem out to him – its a really FUN poem to read out loud.

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