Today, two online journals are featuring my work and I am so proud to be a part of both of these amazing literary collections.

Today was the launch of the first issue of Firefly Magazine, a journal of luminous writing, showcasing poetry, flash fiction, short stories and art. Check out issue one through the link below. You can find my work in the poetry section. There are some amazing talents to be found in this brilliant new journal and check out their submission page as they are always looking out for new voices and artists. Congratulations to the Firefly team and all their garden elves for producing such a beautiful and impressive first edition. I wish them continued success.



The Fable Online today published its 9th Issue, perfectly in time for Halloween and I am thrilled to be among the Flash fiction features with a suitably ghoulish little story of love, longing and the sweet taste of revenge in the shadows of Paris. There are 13 new pieces of work in total with a mixture of spookily flavoured Flash Fiction and Short Stories.



#Getting Creative

Happy Halloween, Happy Writing, Happy Submitting, Happy Autumn


All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

(this photo was last week during a stroll through autumn in the Jardin du Luxembourg)

Firefly Magazine and The Fable Online

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