I am within,
Amid the crowd,
Their breath, baring down
On my neck, stinking,
Their heat, transferring
Temperature to mine, terrifying,
Their scent, steaming its trail
Through my nostrils, twitching,

I am within,
Seated and centred,
Capturing canvas’ of colour,
Considering connections
Carried on beside me,
Caring couples cavorting,
Concerned comrades cajoling
And a curious collection
Of coyly carnivorous concerns,

I am within,
Tracing telling tracks
Of trailing thoughts,
Taunt on faces
On front of me,
Taking it all in,
Throwing it all out,
Being a part of it all
As it unfolds,

I am within,
So close to it all
That I am invisible,
I am not substance,
Shadow or suggestion,
I am simply the unseen,
Sailing through streets
Singularly unobserved,
A strange soul secretly sheltering
A blink beyond your eyes,
A shrug beyond your shoulder,

I am here, within,
Amid this crowd,
Waiting to be seen…

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