I am sitting in a cafe

In a city now called home,

I’ve travelled many roads to get here-

And most all of them alone.


There’s been multitudes of languages

And a million changing faces,

Solitudes of silences

And unforgettable embraces.

I am eternally the estranger

In a land of other locals,

Externally the optimist

As my now grey hair reduces.

I’ve found all the answers

To questions never wondered,

But have yet to find the answers

To the questions that I’ve pondered.

I am happy more than tearful,

Alone more so than lonely

And happy that my insanity

Has never toppled my stability.

I consume myself with worry,

Awake myself with doubt,

But take comfort when the laughter

Drowns all darkness out.


I am sitting in a cafe

In a city that’s now home,

But as every car passes by

I wonder where next I’ll roam…



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