The Evaporation of the Earth


I am on a plane, again,

Flying over your gardens of green

And heavenly mountains-

Looking more like hollow hills from here,

It appears we are chasing

The last light of day

As East leaves West

Before finally we are pitched

Into an abyss of blackness

As the world disappears

And I wonder

If we are all who are left;

Flying forwards towards a forsaken future,

Gaining only on the remaining hours,

Oblivious to

The Evaporation of the Earth.

I look around to see who will be

Mother, Lover, Brother now,

Who will be friend

And which will be foe.

Who will scream first,

Freak first,

Break first.

Who will see the unseen that I have seen?

Will hunger harm us

Or fuel fade first

As we fly,


And fade

Over an Evaporated Earth.

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


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