To be able to Identify ourselves in Books

We are still, all of us, hungry.

We are, all of us, today, Hungary;

wanting to be able to open a book,
in the early days of trying to identify
who it is we’re on route to becoming,
and find a reflection of that self
smiling back at us from the inside pages
we can easily open out.

We are still, all of us ,
trying to teach the others how to spell Pride.

10 thoughts on “To be able to Identify ourselves in Books

  1. I imagine it’s not an easy process, but you are blazing a path, dear Damien. 🏳️‍🌈 Beautiful photo!

    Our older child came out as gay when they started college (it wasn’t a surprise to me), and just recently they came out as non-binary. An on-going journey. 💙

      • It looks it. Mind you right now I’d love to be on any beach (empty though) lol. I’m really missing the sea as I haven’t seen it since the beginning of 2019 but I don’t feel comfortable travelling on the train so will have to wait.

  2. It’s so easy to feel alone and isolated when struggling with issues of sexuality and identity. We all need reassurances that we are not alone, that our struggles are not unique. Pride Month is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity in our community, to break down some of the stereotypes about our “lifestyle,” and be the living books that others can see and read. We all are still learning and we all are still teaching others about Pride, using words when necessary.

  3. It sometimes seems like such a slow process, but even the idea of Pride would have been unthinkable even 50 years ago. We are learning. (K)

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