We strike matches along the shiny skins of polished apples, bite into the heat of burning coals that hold no seeds within their core, watch our reflections on the heavy skins of those ripening fruit as if it will show us a truer representation of who we might be because it too holds a […]


  9 is not yet known to this Sunday morning but already I’m playing catch up with the dawn in a once foreign field now renamed home, running after breaths and age that is unobtainable like caressing clouds or surviving on the sap of stems where needles immerse nettles in a loneliness we have come […]


  Wondering how to move now after such torpidity, wondering how to recognise now the trenches as we take slow steps across the battle fields of playgrounds, bus stops and aisles packed with questions of contagion carried in other people’s trollies. Wondering how to move again after such paralysis- limbs lurching as thoughts shift forward […]