Eat the Storms has been busy of late finding homes in far flung fields- from the doorstep of Ireland to Spain, Germany and even The Untied States. She can’t get into New Zealand or Australia yet but, fingers crossed she can sail there soon and thank you for everyone who shared her arrival with me…

When Storms knocked on Dylan Thomas’s door!!!
On my bookshelf next to Joni and just some books with my poems and short stories inside
My neighbours from childhood, my beloved extended family, reading Storms at their table

Thanks for all the love and support, from Dami and his Storms xxx


  1. I don’t know if it was intentional, Damien, but I noted that you referred to my country as the “Untied States of America” in the opening paragraph, a name that seems strangely appropriate during these tumultuous times. I want to post a group photo of Venus and Memory Forest, which just arrived from Belfast, with Storms, but may wait for the arrival of Seasons, so it can be a proper Hedgehog family photo. 🙂

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