Who knew rocks left actual human shaped footprints

It’s wordless Wednesday but it you are looking for words to read, visions to marvel at and a deep dive into poetry then look no further than Black Bough Poetry’s latest anthology, currently No.1 on Amazon for poetry collections and our WordPress muse Merril D. Smith is onside it, not literally but her wonderful poem is!

Cheeky selfie by one of the many Martello Towers, build as defensive forts along the coast in the 19th century in fear of Napoleonic Invasion

Inside #DeepTime, Volume 1 from Black Bough Poetry. And if you find it via @Blackboughpoems or its editor extraordinaire @MatthewMCSmith on Twitter then check out the link to the recordings the poets made reading their poems and the beautiful mind-blowing musical score to accompany this book by Stuart Rawlinson

Seals! Waiting for the sun to bathe! Seals. On the shore! Chilling! Go on!!!!

All photos by Damien B. Donnelly


  1. 🌟Breath taking, all! Great pic of you too! So thrilled your creativity is bursting and brimming out there! Cheers to you my friend!

    1. Thank you so much Paula. Always lovely to hear from you. Regardless of how life is shaping our futures I am doing my best to put two feet forward and see what happens. I hope you are keeping well. Sending you huge Irish hugs 🤗🤗☘️☘️

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