I hid
your name
in between a word,
I put this word into a line
crammed with so much content
where you’d disappear behind the syntax
and then, just in case, I tucked this line into a story
that unfolded over time into a tale that would tell of a book
that someone lost on a wrong beach while waiting for the right wave
to take them out to where there was nothing but the depth of that deep blue.
I hid you, in a word, in a line, in a story that told a tale in a book, I then placed you,


into a bigger whole, like I was reconstructing an onion, like I was resealing a Russian doll
inside all her bigger sisters and every now and then I steal moments while they sleep
and sink into a chair, into the book, behind the tale within the story until
I come across the line and reach around and find you there, still,
tucked in tight behind that word where I kept your name.


All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly


8 thoughts on “YOU

  1. Finding you there…in the place where I tucked you…safe and sound…in the lost and found…

    An amazing poem and photo…you’re nailing photography and poetry at the same time…kudos for that🥳🥳💝💝

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