1. Mike Powell

    So many beautiful colors, shapes, and textures in the plants and flowers–you’ve done a marvelous job, Damien, in capturing their transient beauty, a beauty that is fated to fade and eventual blow away, like the dandelions in one of your shots. Some may return next year, but many will not. Even the landscape changes as new paths are made and others reclaimed by nature. Our footprints often disappear even more quickly. What do we leave behind?

      1. Mike Powell

        What lasts? That’s such a deeply philosophical and deeply personal question, that I think I could go on and on. We may pledge eternal love but somehow it seems to come with an expiration date. You can make a strong argument that art, including poetry, lasts longer than we do because of its capability to affect people’s thoughts and emotions.

  2. Ms. Liz

    Remarkably lovely photos of mainly pastoral species, weeds, and ‘weedy’ garden flowers. You’ve done a fantastic job of capturing their colours and textures! Great collection.

    1. deuxiemepeau

      Thank you Liz, and that’s the truth- they are the field weeds that caught my attention during morning runs and they needed a little spotlight

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