Love is a simple thing-
a jaded house waiting
to be resold, to be a home again,
you knock unexpectedly
and I utter Enter, please,
much like last time,
already setting the table for two.
Love is a simple thing

fragile and foolish and forgetful.

Love is a simple thing-
a game of tennis,
a juggle of balls back and forth,
the hunger to have the control
of love and all its advantages
before it’s match point
with a set of side-lined backhands
played below the baseline.
Love is a simple thing

blinded by the sexy shorts and those tight strings.

Love is a simple thing
like the heart-
it needs oxygen to survive,
like any organ-
it needs the right fingers
to play it perfectly

Love is a simple thing-
find your oxygen before
laying the table or crossing the court
or reaching for the note
you were never meant to play.


All words and sketches by Damien B. Donnelly

3 thoughts on “SIMPLE

  1. Mike Powell

    Love is a simple thing perhaps, and yet so complicated. Why? You summed it up so well in your beautifully alliterative list of descriptors–love is “fragile and foolish and forgetful.” Maybe love is not blind, but it often wears blinders that keep us from seeing things in a broader perspective.

    1. deuxiemepeau

      Oh I think love is wonderful at blocking out so much. Love’s illusions and delusions. It’s like food shopping- one should never do it when you are really hungry 🤔

      1. Mike Powell

        “Illusions and delusions”–that’s a really good summary, Damien, of the way that love can affect us

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