On comes the light
and I reach out for the taste of morning
in an orange orchid that unfolds a sash of summer’s stock
to tie its threads around the ears of anxious.
On comes the morning
and I stretch emerald strokes onto a light canvas
pulled out across grouchy grasses that cannot see hope
glimmering in far off fields.
On comes the light
and I strike rainbows into shivering streams
that take dreams off to open oceans where the breaths bays
just above the surface, waiting for us to dive back in, to the light.


All words and water colour painting by Damien B. Donnelly


Based on a Poetry Prompt from Cobh Readers and Writers on Twitter 


  1. Do your talents never end, Damien? I knew that you painted some, but don’t recall seeing a watercolour painting before this one. I love your color selection and the way that you varied the mostly curved shapes. Did you use salt to achieve the additional texture in some areas? The colors seem mostly muted and a bit moody, except for the brilliant yellow that, like your poem, offers up the promise of light and hope.

    1. Brilliant yellow is a colour to covet in these challenging times isn’t it .. like your yellow flower photo Mike that you let me blog. Bring on sunshine! Which of course is also a disinfectant 🙂

      1. Oh yes and we just ordered yellow wallpaper for the living room with lovely roses on it so the sunshine is coming indoors! After I paint the blooming ceiling 💪🏻😋🤭😂

    2. I dabble into everything,
      Knowledge of some yet master of none. But yes- there was a ton of sea salt involved during the painting- I love how it plays with the paint and you never quite know what will be the outcome- magic

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