1. Mike Powell

    Can I safely assume, Damien, that you have no fear of heights? I especially love the stunning shot in which we are looking at the side of the cliff, with the train tracks leading toward the tunnel in a gentle arc, the rocks and the water filling the right hand side of the image, and the distant mountains merging with the sky in varying shades of blue.

    1. deuxiemepeau

      I’m not a fan of heights Mike but I don’t want to miss out- so if my feet can climb then I’m on it! This walk was not so severe, the Howth walk I did a few weeks ago was a little more jaunting in parts while this weeks walk had lots of walls and fences and barriers.
      When you are on the train along these tracks the exits from the tunnels into sea and sky as so exciting. I took the train back like a kid gasping

  2. Ms. Liz

    No wonder many Irish settled in NZ, there’s a lot of similarity in the landscape but they must have missed the ancient connections and significant places in the home country.

  3. merrildsmith

    Stunning! Last night we were talking about traveling. I said I don’t like the process, but I wish we had that transporter so I could visit Jane and you–and I mentioned how beautiful your photos of Dublin are. (Did you hear me talking about you?). 🙂

    1. deuxiemepeau

      Thank you Merril. 💚☘️
      So that was you I heard in the wind last night! A transporter is indeed needed, especially now as we become isolated islands.

  4. Maribeth Batcho

    Love looking at the photos of an artist ❤
    Beautiful images. Looks like your finding your place.
    Best wishes during this odd time we're living through.

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