1. Beautiful photos, Damien. In some of them I was mentally and emotionally transported back to the Jardin des Serres d’Auteui, one of the places in Paris that I know you especially loved to visit. The ornate greenhouse buildings are amazing and you did such a wonderful job in capturing the diversity of the plant life at the botanical gardens–it certainly looks like the kind of place that I would love to visit.

    • Well next time your decide on à European trip set down in Ireland for a few days and I’ll show you the sights. You are so right- I was in Dublin and d’Auteuil all at once. And to think that every season there will be something new to discover in the same place. Quelle joie ☘️☘️

      • I so much look forward to you Wednesday photo postings, Damien, for you reveal yourself in your subjects and the way that you shoot them almost as much as you do with your words. Whenever I talk about you with my friends, I describe you as someone who is living his dreams. I hope that is the way that you think of yourself too. As for a visit to Ireland, there are lots of flights from Washington DC to Dublin, including some direct flights. 🙂

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