1. Beautiful shots, Damien. I confess, though, that I had to look at a map on-line to figure out where Doolin is located–my knowledge of the geography of Ireland is pretty limited. You did a marvelous job capturing the colorful shops and also the rugged coastline, two distinctly different types of subjects. Are you still shooting exclusively with your iPhone 11? If so, it may well motivate me to use mine more often. 🙂

    • Hello my friend, no worries as I had also to look on the map to locate Doolin and to check which county it was in!
      Thankfully I made it there, but with the help of two wonderful sidekicks!
      That is for the compliments, still with the iPhone 11, she is being very good to me these days and longer battery life and more storage means you can play all day and never have to think about plugging her in! Good girl!
      Hope you are keeping well and life is being good to you. Sending huge big Irish hugs over the seas to you 🤗🤗🤗☘️

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