I walk over drying leaves in this season of the fall,
crisp tissue freshly fallen under foot, less colour,
more contours, more concern to be connected

than to be a contrast. At first blast, I was off
and running from connection, the interjection
of other’s concerns, I was not to be collected
in a case, a case of you, this case of me, my case;
gone and grown heavier, come hear this heart
beating faster, this punchbag hung over from battle;
beaten, broken, twelve rounds but still standing,
still falling, like crisp tissue, torn into translucent,
still trying to get away from where it was caught

under foot. Foot, feet, these feet are faster runners
now, to make that racing heart seem slower,
a contemplation of a brighter pace to give way
to panic, a cessation to being a shooting star, shooting,
moving, eluding the truth of who we are, I am,
this case of me, it is okay to be encased in a connection,
to consider catching a breath, catching these contours,
those freshly fallen leaves drying in the rainstorm

I’ve been waiting for. And, as they crunch beneath
the slow shuffle of my shoes, I hear a sound familiar,
a song sung in my younger ears as I stamped first steps
in and over the cobbles of this city I have harboured
my heart to. Somethings stay attached, somethings
change their tempo and others fall beneath the soul.

‘Au revoir’ I whispered, and you smiled,

knowing I’d be back.


All words and photographs by Damien B Donnelly.

A plane is waiting, wings are warming up. I have said my goodbyes, see you all in a few weeks when i have my feet on the ground again…

6 thoughts on “A CASE FOR CONNECTION

    1. deuxiemepeau

      Indeed! Always a hello on the back of a goodbye 👋 and in the distance, when someone is waving, you never really know if the wave is a hello or a goodbye

    1. deuxiemepeau

      Thank you, safe and sound with mum now, putting Santa and his decorations a all over the house and garden. I think they can see us from space!

      1. memadtwo

        I never took the lights in my living room down from last year! I love to see them sparkle at night.

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