Last Sunday, this masterpiece of beaux-arts architecture, le Grand Palais was open to the public for a few hours and I rushed in along with fantastic photographer, and now street sketch artist, Mike Powell, on one of his last days in Paris, in order to snap a little of the light under the glass.

All photographs by Damien B Donnelly



  1. Your photos are amazing, Damien. I was so snappy-happy in Paris that I have not even gotten around to sorting my photos from that day. It was such a thrill having the chance to get inside the Grand Palais and especially being able to do it with you. I chuckled at your over-the-top description of me–I will look at as an “aspirational” description of my capabilities. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Mike Powell and commented:
    So many creative people are multi-talented and Irish poet Damien Donnelly is no exception. His poetry, which can be found on his blog at is both personal and universal and often prompts me to look deeply inside myself. He is also a talented photographer. I was thrilled last Sunday to have the chance to spend some time with him as we photographed the inside of the Grand Palais in Paris and here are some of his photos from that day.

  3. Who wouldn’t take the opportunity! I never knew they opened the doors tot he public, or that the inside is so, well, empty.
    Glad you saw it on one of your last days in our City.

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