1. Mike Powell

    So many beautiful shots, Damien, of so many familiar places. Some of the images might be recent, but others go back a bit–I noted Notre Dames de Paris with its intact spire and it looks like the Eiffel Tower had not yet acquired its plexiglass barriers that keep you from walking its legs. Some things in Paris seem eternal, and others change. I was struck to see that you included the Écoute sculpture by Henri de Miller–not all tourists would know know where to find it, though I passed it often when walking by St Eustache.

    1. deuxiemepeau

      How funny, I love the Écoute sculpture. In my early 20’s I hung out so much around this area and always took pictures of this head and hand. When they redid Les Halles recently I was worried they would remove it but thankfully it is still where it should be. 🤞🙏
      some of the photos are from my firebrand life in Paris or subsequent holidays here

      1. Mike Powell

        I got a tiny taste this trip of what Paris might be like to a resident and from what I was able to experience, Paris is an awesome city, whether as a resident or as a tourist. My departure hit me hard. If I magnify that feeling by ten times or maybe a hundred time, I can start to understand how challenging your impending departure is for you.

    1. deuxiemepeau

      I also love the reflection puddle picture. They are rare finds! I just made a post for tomorrow afternoon just for you, a little more colour and magic from last light in the enchanted garden of the ocean.

      1. Ms. Liz

        Oh I can’t wait to see it!! Thanks, and now I’ll be waiting on your post with much anticipation!!

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