1. hey damien my name is fabien, singer/songwriter from france. just a note to tel you how much i love your poetry, and particulary those inpired by wb yeats and johnny mitchell. and as you who deeply love paris, i particulary ireland, and this pasion started when the corrs have emmerged in the mid 90s. did you ever have some of your poems put to music? and particulary in folk style. because i would love to try one day. al the best for your upcoming projects and i hope reading you soon. fabien

    • Hello Fabien, sorry about the delay in replying, I’m getting ready to bid a farewell to Paris and find footing again in Ireland. I really appreciate your comment and thank you so much for taking the time to come by and read, it really means a lot. Joni and Yeats are constant companions on the page and in the ear, whisperers to those willing to listen.
      Sometimes I think about adding a musical element, as I love music and particularly folk music so much. Maybe when I am settled and less occupied with the move and beginning this new adventure. The dream is to have a b&b/writers retreat in Ireland, where poets and musicians can come and collaborate, so there is a dream already. Now I just need to make that come through. Thanks again and would love to hear your work too. Best wishes Damien

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