We break from the path to follow the light,
light that has no alignment to direction,
to road or wood, less wandered or not,
light that touches trees that have known
more darkness than I will ever close my eyes
to see and still they stand to catch the light,
looking like leopards now with their spots,
spots of light, speckles, a sparkle in the shade.

There is a boat, waiting in the bay, by a break
in the trees, a small boat, crossing the currents
that curtail time, it has seen more storms
open out than I will ever shut shelters from,
even in that little bay, where the bark breaks
for those towers of trees that could tell tales,
out beyond, out yonder, where the light
is brighter, lighter, where the grass growing
golden meets sweetened shore, growing shorter
but sweeter too, a boat that waits to bring us
to the other side where I hope the light can still
reach us, teach us not of direction but of how
to be a bright spec that can sparkle in the shade.


All words and photographs by Damien B Donnelly. A week of recalling travels through South Korea, 2018. Photo taken in World Heritage site of  Hahoe, outside Andong


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