On dull days
when the sun
absconds from sky,
when grey grinds
gloom into gutters
and mothers utter
‘stay inside’,
children’s minds
flutter to unfold
like umbrellas opening;
colours cascading
over concrete clutter
like candy to calm
a calamity.

In the midst
of the mundane
and the murky,
inspiration catches
on the canvas of creation
like wings willing
to cut through clouds
and gain the grace
of the sun.

Children’s minds,
so magnificent,
hold matter so magical
that ordinary moments
can become such
extraordinary miracles.


All words and photographs by Damien B Donnelly

This is a repot for a week of colourful imagination. 



      • I know! At least no one saw! Although a helping hand might have been advisable afterwards. No, still in Paris so old walls, old railing and too little thought or clutch! And yesterday morning I was at the Kine to figure out why my back and neck are still uncomfortable and why I was on day 13 of a headache! And yet yesterday I was headache free for the first time and then the flight! Oh well! I still went off to the journée du patrimoine today (école des beaux arts et académie nationale de medicine) and then bought myself cakes to soothe away the sofa filled afternoon! Should have looked for a doctor at the académie! But he might not have fitted on the sofa alongside me and the cakes 🤭🤪😂🤗

      • Ha ha! You shouldn’t mix pleasures anyway. You won’t believe this but the last migraine I had started when I sent into Bordeaux to see some of the progeny four weeks ago and that lasted almost a fortnight too, until the youngest was settled in Lille two weeks ago. I’ve been worried to death ever since of course, but the build up was unbearable. I wonder if your long bout was triggered by stress too.

      • You’re right, I don’t believe it! Holy moly! I asked the Kine the other day if he had a hammer and if he could just whack me, really hard, on the back of the neck! The answer was no! 🤕😮🤪
        I am sure it is stress related, and also the pain I had in the side of the chest now moving to the back of my neck- hopefully trying to find the way out! Everything will be rosy again soon, for us all. Deep breaths my dear, we (the kids) all find our way eventually but never forget the road home 🤗😘🌹

      • You have a sensible kiné 🙂 It’s hard not to be stressed, ever. If it isn’t something personal, it’s general. There’s a permanent malaise, anxiety about the distress in the world. Much as I love this place where I live, it’s playing havoc with my nerves. With the chasseurs it’s like living in a war zone. Daren’t go far from the house on Sundays or Wednesdays. You know they have trouble distinguishing between cyclists in high vis lycra and sangliers…

  1. A fall downstairs can be terrifying, done it myself in my late teens and been really cautious about stairs ever since! Hope you’re ok. This was the 2nd poem of yours that I reblogged 🙂

    • I am fine today, thank you, a little slower but fine! Up and at ‘em!
      I’ve been a little out of it the past few days but will be back on form very soon! It is European days of heritage or Journée du patrimoine so all the impressive buildings homes to private libraries and schools and Sénat are open to the public so I am distracting my body by visiting them!!! Big hugs 🤗😘

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