12 thoughts on “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY

  1. The French Bastards? Hahaha! So funny! (Wondering if it’s really French owners?). Had no idea the French had the ability to laugh at themselves 🙂

    • They don’t, but they are trying- I think they are going with ‘cool’ bastards as opposed to bad bastards! 😱😂 They are indeed French owned though

    • Here’s a link to an article that I found about the French Bastards (https://www.davidlebovitz.com/the-french-bastards-paris-bakery-pastry-patisserie-boulangerie/) . According to the author, here is the reason for the bakery’s name–“Their unconventional name comes from when one of them, Julien, worked in a restaurant in Australia. He was so talented and worked so well that the chef (affectionately) referred to him as “the French bastard.” So he and his friends decided to use it to name their bakery in Paris.”

      • Ha! I thought a name like that was far more Australasian than French!!! Mike Powell, you’re a good bastard (that’s a compliment in NZ) but you’d probably prefer “good buddy” or again in NZ parlance you’re a “good mate” (and add a hug!) Such a GREAT article! Dami have you read it? And I have a link for you guys too. In Invercargill there’s a pie shop that does awesome pies and they’re called [drum-roll] FAT BASTARD Pies 🙂 Now hear me.. where else in the world would you visit the website for a humble pie shop and there in the page header is the long-time mayor of the city with a big toothy grin scoffing a pie and alongside him prominently displayed are the words “oh hello. Welcome. You Fat Bastard.” LOL!!! Take a look for yourself (the older guy with the trademark big toothy grin – he’s the mayor of Invercargill and a one-time concrete contractor from up north) at: https://www.fatbastardpies.co.nz/

  2. What a wonderful route–beautiful old buildings, statues, and street art. I was surprised by so many English words. I’m sure you will miss some of this, but fortunately you also have such beauty back in Ireland.

    • It is an eye catching route to and from work and I love the bursts of graffiti along the way. The last building is my office- 1st two floors so it’s nice to work in a building full of beauty- at least visually 🤭 English words are getting more and more popular as the French try to be more and more popular, at least they are trying, trying…

  3. What a gorgeous path to work! How inspiring! And your final office stop? If only I to work in such a creatively stimulating locale. But alas I will keep finding beauty in the trees. Thank you for that peek into your day. 🎈

    • And there is such a beauty in trees, nature is the true source, this is just sparkle and light and control of the shadow. There are pockets where I don’t take pictures because man has not been at his best but nature, she rarely creates something that cannot be inspiring. Here’s to your trees my dear and finding inspiration where we can🌲

      • 🌲🌱🌿🍁I do agree. But your colorful path dazzles as well. More about the architecture than anything I suppose. As long as we keep observing and being inspired. That’s what matters. Cheers my friend.

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