Sessions in the city on Shop Street


Description of Galway found in the Galway City Museum

Galway Cathedral seen from the Salmon Weir Bridge


The River Corrib

The Spanish Arch built in 1584 as part of a bastion. It has no relationship to the Spanish!

Graduation sculpture in NUI Gaillimh (National University of Ireland, Galway)

The Claddagh

Cupan Tae, Tea store

Mr. Oscar Wilde

Poetry along the Corrib

The Claddagh Memorial

Salthill Town fairground nearby

Padraic O Conaire statue in Eyre Square, Galway born poet

1913 poster for Seachtain na Gaedilge. Gaelic or English, native language or enforced?

Irish Propaganda form the early 1900’s seen in the Galway Museum


Looking back to Galway from Mutton Island, across the causeway.

All photographs by Damien B. Donnelly



      • One of mine keeps threatening to move to Ireland for the climate. Wonder if he will? How’s the hospitality industry in Dublin these days? Still booming?

      • Booming like it never fell, forgetful as ever but with a charm and a smile that’s forgivable if perhaps foolish. And they really could not be more hospitable, even buying a baguette today reminded me of what Paris is missing, it may smell and taste good but the bitterness of the exchange can be grating at times. Especially since being in Galway last week and finding everyone utterly charming, friendly and welcoming as if I had always been there! I do love Paris, and i always will, it is amazing, stunning, inspiring, breathtaking, historic (especially historic in every sense of the word) but it’s too arrogant to be gracious and Ireland is so small that it seems to grow grace, not always, but it’s different. And necessary.

      • I think Paris has changed a lot in the last decade or so, become far too homogeneous ie far too many rich people and rich foreigners too. When we lived there I never considered the Parisiens particularly arrogant or unpleasant. There were still old folk who could have come out of a Simenon novel and Les Halles had not had its old seediness completely replaced by glitter. I’d probably hate it now. If my Hugh really did decide to go, I’d not try and talk him out of it.

      • We haven’t been in the City in a good 10 years, but hearing you say this makes me sad. This aspect of the culture is definitely something that could improve. Even my Frenchie agrees…

      • There’s always good and bad and, of course, travelling through anywhere is always more exciting than the day to day living and working in a place. But still, more smiles would shine so much brighter than all the gold gilt going garish around here 🤭

    • This was my lucky busker moment!!! There were others that held no tune!! I thought of you both yesterday morning as I found these stunning glasshouses on the edge of the city with the most stunning variety of plants and flowers! Beauty in all its bounty. I’ll post some pics on Wednesday- I was skipping like a kid around the place! Of course now that I’m leaving these little treasures are gonna pop up!!! 😂😂

      • Love the thought of you skipping like a kid, wonderful! It’s gonna be a long wait for me till Wed – Must I? I’ve put up the crabapple photos for you btw – teamed them up with a poem that Jane posted yesterday – the words really spoke to me. The unlikely combination turned out surpisingly well!

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