1. The landscapes are beautiful, but what really grabbed my attention, Damien, were the awesome clouds in so many of your shots. They are beautiful, powerful, and somewhat menacing. (I loved too the misty fog in other shots, which gives them such a wonderful ambiance.)

    • They really blew me away Mike. The first afternoon was I walked out along the causeway towards the small Mutton Island was when the clouds came in over Galway bay with their majesty. There was such a silence, such a stillness in there slow approach. The fog over Connemara and the fjords lingers all year around I think which adds to the sensation of 40 weathers in one day (a little rain, a little sun, a little sleet and little shade) which also gives a reason to the 40 shades of green dotting the landscape. They a very Joni Mitchell clouds, she would see above and beyond them.

      • That clinches it! I’m going to share this on my blog Dami. Will probably choose 4 pics and put them up, plus a little of your comment (wonderful writing btw) and put a link. Your photos are a real treat.. thanks so much!

      • Ah, always a pleasure my dearest. It was a real pleasure for me to rediscover the homeland. I think the one thing that struck me most was the friendliness of the people. I thought literally everyone was flirting with me until someone said that, no, they’re just friendly! (Of course I was a little disappointed! 🤭😳😂) but it put living in a city like Paris into perspective. Aesthetic beauty is pleasing but feeling welcome is truly comforting 🤗😘☘️

      • Fabulous. “Homeland” is the word I used in my intro so it was the right choice! Working to post it asap – very soon!

      • And yet somehow, it’s clouds illusions I recall–I really don’t know clouds at all. That’s a song that I have always found to be bittersweet with words like, “So many things I would have done but clouds got in my way” and “And if you care, don’t let them know, don’t give yourself away.” I recall that you have explore similar themes in some of your poems, masks and reality, intentions and actions. Those landscapes and weather seem perfect for that kind of interior paysage.

      • Such wondrously devastating lyrics, the contrast of such immense beauty lying next to such losses. So much is about telling the truth, honesty and openness and yet, keeping something for yourself, not giving it all away so it can be taken and twisted. Her themes resonate with terrific turbulence that makes great writing. Big wishes and little shamrocks on their way to you☘️🤗

    • The clouds really struck me too – they’re quite magnificent and it look as if it was about to rain any moment.

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