1. The boats, tidal flats and green weed remind me of the northern half of the North Island NZ where I grew up, I swear I can smell the sea! Love the blue bollard. Enjoyed the Scotch thistle/stone wall shot, and the mallow. And you’re there, looking right at home in your green t-shirt. I had to go and read “Hunger is Not a Harbour” and consider. I love both.. the harbour is a wonderful place to return after “craving the waves” and “carving chaos into the crest”. I wouldn’t want “always and ever further, from the shore”. It seems that, neither do you.

    • It’s funny, this wall and thistle and burst to sea leading towards the island is just down the lane from the family home where we all spent summer’s as kids but we never knew how close the sea was, I think they didn’t want us to be going off swimming on our own.
      Even that little stretch of coast has so many shades and the ever changing weather of course adds different shadows and tones to the landscape on an hourly basis so you can indeed be in Scotland or New Zealand or Ireland or wherever. Gonna be on the west coast in two weeks so looking forward to seeing how dramatically different that will be.
      And you’re right, getting closer to the shore I think these days. Maybe to dive amid the dunes 🤞

  2. Such wonderful, glorious photos, Damian. It does seem like it could almost be anywhere on a coast, but at the same time unique. It makes me want to go there. 🙂

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