There is a part of me still there

with you

below the bridge
by the river

as the water rushed past us
and time flowed through us.

There is a part of me there still

in you

below the water
by the bridge

as time washed over us
and the river trickled onwards.

There is a part of you still here

in me

standing still on the bridge
and moving, like the water
through time

while the river never considered us.

There is part of you

in me, still

no matter what bridge I stand on,
no matter what waters I drown in,
no matter the time I am lost in.

There is a part of you,
there is a part of me


watching me from the waters I gaze into
to find reflections of where we lost our course.

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Reposting this older poem from a few years back.


14 thoughts on “ANSWERS IN THE WATER

    • Hello my lovely, I’m here in Ireland chilling with family and wandering around galleries I didn’t even know existed! I hope you are well. I’ve been away writing the novel for a while so have decided to re post some old poems for the moment. Thank you for your message, will be back online soon to check on your brilliance ☘️🤗😘

      • Novel??? Do tell. I’m still slugging away at mine. Haven’t mentioned much about it because the slugging goes on forever. Must blog again soon myself. Enjoy your time w family. Best to you.

      • Well I sent out 10 submissions for the novel and got a few lovely rejections and then received a very positive response from a publisher saying they felt it wasn’t ready yet but, if I wanted to take on board their critique, then they could be very interested to hear back from me and their feedback was so considered and exactly what I needed as I felt I’d almost finished though not quite but didn’t know what that last push was and now, hopefully, this is it, so I’m back editing the novel but, as the story is already there, it is just about character detail and the narrative flow. Very exciting. That’s why I’m just re-blogging old poems for now.
        But I agree with you- it can take forever but we love it- don’t we?
        Big hugs to you and yours 🤗😘🤗😘☘️☘️

    • Well I am in the land of songs, stories and sessions- maybe I can grab a fiddler and get a little music going. ☘️
      I just noticed your previous comment when you sent hugs from New Jersey- are you holidaying? Hope you’re surviving the heatwave!!! 🤗☘️😘

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