Sun shines in the valley
where the sun king came to stay,
shade is shy in the valley
at the king and queen’s hideaway.

Shadows slip through the valley
down from stars to under stairs,
some secrets slip through the valley
whispered from lips of concrete heirs.

Sun shines in the valley
on swans now savage at swim,
the sun shines in the valley
though the peasants weren’t allowed in.

Shadows sneak through the valley
through the greed gathered within,
shadow is splitting the valley
like guillotines cutting through skin.

Sun shines in the valley
as gold from the fountains flow,
the sun shines in the valley
where follies fade and legends grow.

Shadows sleep in the valley
along paths where tourists thread,
shadows are stuck in the valley
like dust on ideals long dead.

Sun shines in the valley
as Apollo rides the waves,
the sun shines in the valley
and drowns the suggestion of slaves.

Shadows stretch through the valley
pressed into promises made,
shadow is song in the valley
on benches where kisses once laid.

Sun shines in the valley
in the Sun King’s palace of pride,
the sun shines in the valley
where they often came just to hide.

All words and photographs by Damien B Donnelly

Reposting this for 14 juillet (Bastille Day, French National Holiday) 

I took a break recently to deal with some life challenges, health issues, panic attacks and to edit my novel (after receiving an extremely positive critique from an interested publisher) and then ended up getting distracted by planning to move country at the end of the year so have not been around for a while ( I am sorry to have been away for so long and also sorry to have missed your blogs, I will be playing catch-up over the coming weeks after a trip to Ireland) but I am still here, and will be back…

In the meantime I am re-blogging a few older poems.

Hugs and good thoughts to you all, DamiX



  1. I’d guessed the reasons for your “break” but had to smile at the tumble of things that are taking up your time. Who but YOU would have health issues and panic attacks AND write a novel AND decide to move country AND I assume you’re still currently holding down a full-time job (?!!!). Crazy Irishman – must be a challenge being your therapist! Anyhow you know me well by now and I wish you well in all your endeavours. Take care 🙂 🙂

    • This made me laugh, thank you Liz! I try not to think about the chicken and the egg, it’s not that one came first, more that both were recognized at the same time! Isn’t every day a therapy session? How can I be better, brighter, how can I smile more, sing more, understand more, breathe more? Sending you both love and joy 😘🤗😘🤗

  2. Thank you too! Great questions that cut right to the heart of things. You see, I’ve got mid-winter blues and we’re both in recovery from bad flu. I’ve got blogger’s block, can’t write. We’ve just spent a couple of days at Bluff where it rained, hailed and blew.. we hunkered down by the fire in our apartment and the enforced rest was probably a good thing. Your words are a perfect challenge for me (whilst also trying to fluff the feathers and remember to be at least a little bit “fierce”). Onwards and upwards. Love and joy. Big hugs xx

    • Oh I am sorry to hear you are having the blues my dear, I imagine winter can be harsh down under and I hope a little light comes your way soon. You already wrote this message above which could be a little blog post in itself. Sometimes we find it so difficult trying to find the right thing to say and yet it often turns out that the right thing is just to admit how you feel and see where that takes you. That’s why I often write poetry; for the cathartic element.
      Deep breaths, try to see blue as a beautiful sky and not a sorrowful sigh and fluff those feathers once a day until they find their own force again!! Love and hugs 🤗 😘

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