I take
this thistle
like I take these words,
I trim the thorns at times for desire
to be softer, sweeter, so lines can be calmer,
cleaner. I seek out the heart of the whole, for now,
for here, for this moment, for the sentiment of this song
that comes for but a season. I seek not branch nor stem, but the life
that lingers where flavour is found, where thoughts flow freer upon the page,
no longer rooted under rock, no longer locked under fear. I pierce through firm flesh
like this pen plots it’s point into the page, holding out not for the green flesh pleading for a place in purple but for the truth buried beneath the skin we have learnt to thicken,


I cut away
at words wasteful
and suck the substance
of the tale from the source

below the scale.


All words and photography By Damien B. Donnelly

28th poem for National Poetry Writing Month

Lunch today was homemade mayonnaise and steamed artichokes and so came the poem



    • Thanks Liz, it’s been a long month; 30 poems in 30 days, the day job, being in Ireland to paint, osteopaths, therapy, baking, eating the artichokes and sleeping. These last few days have been afternoon naps, day dreams and seemingly inspirational food, hehehe

      • Well at least you’re fitting in some rest, eating well and looking after yourself! I’ve done a post titled Feathers Aren’t Always Fragile. Wonder where the idea for that title might have come from?

      • Oh, I will be over to look shortly, just off for a morning walk along the Seine as I have the day off and the sun is out, for now at least. Happy Monday my dear

    • Thanks Dorinda. This poem literally fell out of the artichoke yesterday afternoon which was a surprise as it was my first time to cook an artichoke and it gave more than just flavour. xx

      • I was raving about how tasty the artichokes were to my French colleague and then mortified when she asked ‘where the hearts very hairy’ and I confessed that I had two and had eaten so many of the outer leaves that I’d binned them before getting to the hearts at the center! In Truth I didn’t know I was supposed to go all the way in 🤪🤭 I have a lot to learn 🤪

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