In that garden
of the many meadows of my mind

plants grow down
from purple clouds

carved of cotton catchable candy

and seek substance
from the surface
and not the ceiling.

In that garden
of the many meadows of my mind

fences are painted
with faces familiar

and mouths to catch kisses if you’re quick enough

and embraces
sprout like brush
to cradle comfort.

In that garden
of the many meadows of my mind

music spreads like ivy
a chorus to cut the chaos

and a crescendo of colour like a flower unfolding.

All words and photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

6th poem for National Poetry Writing Month


13 thoughts on “PURPLE CLOUDS

  1. This is just gorgeous!

    Could I make a suggestion though? Put an extra line of space between the last line of your poems and the credits. I always carry on reading and it spoils the effect a bit.

    • Thank you Jane and thanks for the suggestion. I find it difficult adding lines of spaces on WordPress, I add them and then publish and they are gone. If I copy directly from Word with the space lines already there then they stay but when I add them directly at the end they always disappear.
      Greetings from the green fields where I am painting my mother’s kitchen 🕺🏻🕺🏻☘️☘️🤗🤗

  2. Purple clouds and kisses and choruses–the meadows of your mind are beautiful, Damien!
    And another luscious flower that does look like it would taste like candy.

  3. Such a fun poem! When I came to “crescendo of colour” my imagination furnished humongous hibiscus in bright tropical colours 🙂

    • Oh I am so glad, and you found one of the happier colour poems! Next week I am gonna push the boat out and try for a litttle more joy in the poems! Maybe, we’ll see. Well… 🤭😂

      • Yes! Your comment reminds me of your little boat poem and I cast back through your poems and found “Solo Sail, on a ship full of hearts” with its beautiful little boat named “Better Days”. I do indeed visualise you pushing the boat out and releasing all the joy and freedom into your writing! In the boat you’ll find a Box – the happy version of Pandora’s Box that was never found and we never heard about – hop on board “Better Days” and lift the lid!

      • Oh this is the message one needs to read just before getting up and heading to work, now with a huge smile from ear to ear, thank you Liz 🤗

      • Smiling right back! It’s now 8pm Thurs night and we’ve been to Invercargill this afternoon for a sanity break before Easter. Driving back, the sun set in the west and the almost full moon rose in the east, a big beauty in a clear sky. We got groceries in Gore and headed back to Tapanui with that glorious moon in the darkening sky.. so beautiful Dami! The Blue Mountains are behind Tapanui, to the east, and as we drove into town the moon was presiding over the scene. Wow! I do hope you have a nice Easter break and I’m already looking forward to your poems next week 🙂

      • I wish you both a very peaceful Easter! What a painting you have made of your descriptions of the route to Invercargill, it sounds breath taking. Blue mountains and glorious moons, we are luckier than we know. 🤗😘

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