• Thanks Merril, any reason to stop and regain a little breath is welcoming, thankfully the city offers a lot of this in varying forms from grand to greatly grunge

  1. I want to ask about each one! Love the eye graffiti_art. The last image, the red building – is that Parc de La Villette? I’ve never been to Paris but studied the work of Bernard Tschumi a lot.

    • Well the first shots are along the way to Villette, around la Bassin de la Villette which is the continuation of Canal Saint Martin, the next 5 shots are form the park Buttes Chaumont which is rather hilly (hense the name buttes) with a small lake in the middle along with a mini mountain with a roman style pillared viewing point on top and then the last ones are indeed Parc de la Villette and the red building is one of the red follies of Bernard Tschumi, well spotted Nigel, I am impressed, there are quite a few of them that cover the park. Will try to capture a few more of them for you next time I am in that area.

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