1. Wow, where do I begin? I love the “reaching out” in the first photo, so awesome! My title for it is “Long Distance”. And the next two photos could be Bluff.. I bet you didn’t think of me though when you took those flaxes! That’s just so NZ I couldn’t get over it. If you like that kind of scenery Dami you’d be right at home down here in Southland. The road with rocks by the water could be Bluff. You’d not find a church complete with monstrous tower in Bluff though – that is just amazing. The round towers on the corners are incredible. Those cottages covered in green are a dream! As you can tell.. I LOVED these photos 🙂 Hugs from Way Down South.. which sounds cold but we’re in summer so not cold!

    • Thanks my dear, it’s always nice to wander down the roads that were once familiar and now feel so far and see what has hung on, what has been washed away and has been left for the memory to cherish.

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