1. Lots of interesting colours, patterns and things that you’ve found, I enjoyed these photos so much! I’ve linked from my latest post and thanks Dami, it’s such fun looking at what you’ve “scene” 🙂

    1. Thanks Liz, just been trying to sort out all my photos from the last few year, computer laundry instead of life laundry. So happy you enjoyed the scenes and so happy with your link.
      Off to Ireland tonight for a weekend of Irish scenes. Enjoy your weekend 🤗

  2. I love your composition Damien. As a fledgling photographer I am inspired by other other photographers like yourself.

    1. Thank you Paula and greetings from the Irish countryside, family time!! I hope you’re well, I just noticed I wasn’t following your blog anymore, I thought it strange I hadn’t seen your posts- I don’t understand why that changed but now I am back and will be reading you again now 🤗☘️

      1. Oh wow ok thanks for telling me. I tried liking 3 posts of yours yesterday and it wouldn’t let me like it. It kept bouncing me out of the page. Glad we’re back on track.

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