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Ladies and gentlemen,

I give you the link to Exploring Colour, a beautiful blog from Liz, in New Zealand, as she shares her colour experiences, thoughts and, today, her poetry. A greeting for the dimming lights of the northern hemisphere from the buds and blossoms finding the light in the south…

Clink on the link below and explore the other side of the world…

Poem: Time in Two Hemispheres


Northern hemisphere folks in my experience are apt to forget their current time and season are totally opposite to our current time and season in the southern hemisphere…even those of us aware of this dichotomy can find it pretty weird!

Time in Two Hemispheres


Up There, in the Northern Hemisphere

Time trickles through the Hourglass

You’re falling into Fall

Days are shorter

Longer nights

Less Light

Less time




More time

More Light

Shorter nights

Days are longer

Roots are reaching

Buds are breaking
Blossoms making
Scents awaking

Spring has sprung

Down Here, in the Southern Hemisphere


You can find the background of the poem and the rest of Liz’s inspirational blog at this link below. Please take a moment to visit the other side of the world…

2 thoughts on “Exploring Colour, Featured Guest, Poetry, Time in Two Hemispheres

  1. exploringcolour

    Oh Damien! I’ve just started up my computer, and logging into WP your post was right at the top of Reader! Wow! I just gasped! Words fail me, so may I say a simple and heartfelt “Thank you so much dear friend” 🙂

    1. deuxiemepeau

      I am so happy to have added a little joy to the start of your day, you added it to the end of mine with your poem. Enjoy the weekend Liz

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